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Aptos Networks

Node REST API SpecLinkLinkLink
Indexer GraphQL API
Indexer GraphQL API SpecLinkLinkLink
GRPC Transaction Streamhttps://grpc.mainnet.aptoslabs.comhttps://grpc.testnet.aptoslabs.com
FaucetNo Faucet
Genesis and Waypoint
Chain ID12On Aptos Explorer select Devnet from top right.
Epoch duration7200 seconds7200 seconds7200 seconds
Network providersFully decentralized.Managed by Aptos Labs on behalf of Aptos Foundation.Managed by Aptos Labs on behalf of Aptos Foundation.
Release cadenceMonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Wipe cadenceNever.Never.On update.
PurposeThe main Aptos network.Long-lived test network.Bleeding edge and exploratory.
Network statusAlways live.Always live.Almost always live, with brief interruptions during updates.