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Run a Public Fullnode

Run a Public Fullnode

You can run your own public fullnode (PFN) to synchronize the state of the Aptos blockchain and stay up-to-date. PFNs replicate the entire state of the blockchain by syncing from other Aptos VFNs and PFNs. PFNs can be run by anyone. This section explains how to deploy a PFN and connect to an Aptos network. You can learn more about the different types of nodes in the Blockchain Deep Dive section.

Default connection to mainnet
If you follow the default setup in this document, then your PFN will be connected to the Aptos mainnet. To connect to a different Aptos network, such as devnet or testnet, make sure you have the correct docker image tag, or source code branch if you build the binary directly.

You can find the genesis and waypoint files for all the networks, here ➜