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The Move Book

Welcome to Move, a next generation language for secure, sandboxed, and formally verified programming. It has been used as the smart contract language for several blockchains including Aptos. Move allows developers to write programs that flexibly manage and transfer assets, while providing the security and protections against attacks on those assets. However, Move has been developed with use cases in mind outside a blockchain context as well.

Move takes its cue from Rust by using resource types with move (hence the name) semantics as an explicit representation of digital assets, such as currency.

Who is Aptos Move Book for?

Move was designed and created as a secure, verified, yet flexible programming language. The first use of Move is for the implementation of the Diem blockchain, and it is currently being used on Aptos.

This book is suitable for developers who are with some programming experience and who want to begin understanding the core programming language and see examples of its usage.

Where Do I Start?

Begin with understanding modules and scripts and then work through the Move Tutorial.