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Aptos APIs

The Aptos Blockchain network can be accessed by several APIs, depending on your use-case.

Aptos Fullnode

This API - embedded into Fullnodes - provides a simple, low latency, yet low-level way of reading state and submitting transactions to the Aptos Blockchain. It also supports transaction simulation.


Faucet (Only Testnet/Devnet)

The code of each of the above-mentioned APIs is open-sourced on GitHub. As such anyone can operate these APIs and many independent operators and builders worldwide choose to do so.

Aptos Labs operated API Deployments

Aptos Labs operates a deployment of these APIs on behalf of Aptos Foundation for each Aptos Network and makes them available for public consumption.

At the moment there are 2 sets of Aptos Labs API deployments:

  1. APIs with anonymous access and IP-based rate-limiting
  2. [Beta] APIs with authentication and developer-account based rate limiting through the Aptos Labs Developer Portal