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Running Move Scripts

How can I run Move Scripts?

Move scripts are supported in the Aptos TypeScript SDK, Aptos Wallet Adapter, and in the Aptos CLI.

Running scripts with the TypeScript SDK

To use a script with the TypeScript SDK, add the bytecode directly to the transaction in place of an entry function name.

import { readFileSync } from "fs";
import { Aptos, Account, AccountAddress } from "@aptos-labs/ts-sdk";
// Setup client, and account to sign
const aptos = new Aptos();
const account = Account.generate();
// Load script bytecode
const buffer = readFileSync("./", "buffer");
const bytecode = new Uint8Array.from(buffer);
// Build a transaction with the bytecode of the script
const transaction = await{
  sender: account.accountAddress,
  data: {
    typeArguments: [parseTypeTag("0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin")],
    functionArguments: [AccountAddress.from("0x1")],
// Submit and wait for the transaction to complete
const pendingTxn = await aptos.signAndSubmitTransaction({
  signer: account,
await aptos.waitForTransaction({ transactionHash: pendingTxn.hash });

Running scripts with the Aptos Wallet Adapter


Not all wallets support scripts, but when the wallet supports scripts, it can be provided as below

Similar to the TypeScript SDK, the same inputs are accepted as a transaction type on the wallet adapter. Just simply load the bytecode as a hex string or a uint8array.

import { useWallet } from "@aptos-labs/wallet-adapter-react";
// Load the bytecode either as a uint8array or a hex encoded string
const BYTECODE_IN_HEX = "0xa11ceb0b...78979";
export default function App() {
  const { signAndSubmitTransaction } = useWallet();
  function submitScript() {
      data: {
        bytecode: BYTECODE_IN_HEX,
        typeArguments: [parseTypeTag("0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin")],
        functionArguments: [AccountAddress.from("0x1")],
  // ...

Running scripts with the CLI

Running scripts with the CLI can be run with the command

aptos move run-script

There are two ways to run it, with a pre-compiled script, or it will compile the script in-place similar to the compile step.

If you already have a compiled script, you can run it with --compiled-script-path like the example below:

aptos move run-script --compiled-script-path /opt/git/developer-docs/apps/docusaurus/static/move-examples/scripts/transfer_half/

Similarly, if it’s not compiled, just use --script-path

aptos move run-script --script-path ./sources/transfer_half.move