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Smart Contracts (Move)

Smart Contracts on Aptos

Aptos contracts are written using Move, a next generation language for secure, sandboxed, and formally verified programming which is used for multiple chains. Move allows developers to write programs that flexibly manage and transfer assets while providing security and protections against attacks on those assets.

📖 Learn Move

👨‍💻 Move Examples

Here is a hello_blockchain example of move

module hello_blockchain::message {
    use std::error;
    use std::signer;
    use std::string;
    use aptos_framework::event;

    struct MessageHolder has key {
        message: string::String,

    struct MessageChange has drop, store {
        account: address,
        from_message: string::String,
        to_message: string::String,

    /// There is no message present
    const ENO_MESSAGE: u64 = 0;

    public fun get_message(addr: address): string::String acquires MessageHolder {
        assert!(exists<MessageHolder>(addr), error::not_found(ENO_MESSAGE));

    public entry fun set_message(account: signer, message: string::String)
    acquires MessageHolder {
        let account_addr = signer::address_of(&account);
        if (!exists<MessageHolder>(account_addr)) {
            move_to(&account, MessageHolder {
        } else {
            let old_message_holder = borrow_global_mut<MessageHolder>(account_addr);
            let from_message = old_message_holder.message;
            event::emit(MessageChange {
                account: account_addr,
                to_message: copy message,
            old_message_holder.message = message;

    #[test(account = @0x1)]
    public entry fun sender_can_set_message(account: signer) acquires MessageHolder {
        let addr = signer::address_of(&account);
        set_message(account, string::utf8(b"Hello, Blockchain"));

            get_message(addr) == string::utf8(b"Hello, Blockchain"),

⚒️ Developer Resources

FAQ and Discussions

Move IDE plugins

External Resources

A new Move compiler and language version is currently in early beta testing. If you are interested to play with it, check this page.