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Legacy TypeScript SDK

Legacy TypeScript SDK

This documentation is for the Legacy TypeScript SDK, aka aptos. For a more robust SDK with better support, please upgrade to the new TypeScript SDK @aptos-labs/ts-sdk. Take a look at the documentation and the migration guide.

Aptos provides a fully supported Legacy TypeScript SDK with the source code in the Aptos-core GitHub repository.

Installing the Legacy TypeScript SDK

  1. Make sure you downloaded the latest precompiled binary for the Aptos CLI.

  2. On a terminal run the below command to install the Legacy TypeScript SDK from npmjs:

    npm i aptos


    yarn add aptos


    pnpm add aptos

    The above command installs the TS SDK and should not be confused as installing the Aptos CLI.

Using the Legacy TypeScript SDK

See the Developer Tutorials for code examples showing how to use the Legacy Typescript SDK.

Legacy TypeScript SDK Architecture

See the Legacy TypeScript SDK Architecture for the components that make up the Legacy TypeScript SDK.

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