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TypeScript SDK

TypeScript SDK

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The TypeScript SDK allows you to connect, explore, and interact on the Aptos blockchain. You can use it to request data, send transactions, set up test environments, and more!

npm i @aptos-labs/ts-sdk


Transfer APT in 10 lines or less

  // Transfer between users
  const txn = await{
    sender: alice.accountAddress,
    data: {
      function: "0x1::coin::transfer",
      typeArguments: [APTOS_COIN],
      functionArguments: [bob.accountAddress, TRANSFER_AMOUNT],

  console.log("\n=== Transfer transaction ===\n");
  const committedTxn = await aptos.signAndSubmitTransaction({ signer: alice, transaction: txn });

  await aptos.waitForTransaction({ transactionHash: committedTxn.hash });
  console.log(`Committed transaction: ${committedTxn.hash}`);