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Trying Things On-Chain

Trying Things On-Chain With Aptos CLI

The CLI can be a convenient tool for quickly looking up on-chain data and sending transactions from your accounts.

The most common way to specify what accounts you want to interact with is through profiles. You can create a new profile on the cli by running the following command:

aptos init --profile <your-profile-name>

If any command takes an account, you can pass in the name of a profile instead. If a command implicitly uses the default profile, it will usually have an optional parameter to use a specified profile instead which you can find by running aptos <your-command> --help.

With that, the three main things you can use the CLI to do on-chain include:

  1. Looking Up On-Chain Account Info
  2. Creating test accounts and sending transactions
  3. Securely interacting on-chain via a Hardware Ledger