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Aptos CLI

The Aptos command line interface (CLI) is a tool to help you compile and test Move contracts. It can also help you quickly play with Aptos features on-chain.

For more advanced users, the CLI can also be used to run a private Aptos network (to help test code locally) and can be helpful managing a network node.

If you run into problems installing or using the CLI, feel free to search or post in Aptos’s GitHub Discussions.

You can install and learn how to use the tool by following these steps:

  1. Install the Aptos CLI
    1. Mac
    2. Windows
    3. Linux
    4. Advanced (Install Specific Versions)
  2. Setup CLI configuration
  3. Explore a use case:
    1. Working With Move Contracts
    2. Trying Things On-Chain
    3. Running a Local Network
    4. Managing a Network Node