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Creating and Managing Accounts

Creating and Managing Accounts

Kaptos provides a few ways to generate account credentials. You can either generate a new account or derive an account from a private key.

Generate a New Account

To create a new account, you can generate a new account credential using the Account.generate() method. This method will create a new account with a new key pair.

val account = Account.generate()

Derive an Account from a Private Key

If you have a private key, you can use it to create an Account object to manage those credentials.

val privateKey = Ed25519PrivateKey("myEd25519privatekeystring")
val account = Account.fromPrivateKey(privateKey)

Account generation does not create the account on-chain. You must fund the account on-chain to use it for transactions. On test networks, you can fund an account programmatically by asking a “faucet” for test tokens.

val fundedAccount = aptos.fundAccount(aliceAccount.accountAddress, FUNDING_AMOUNT)