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Legacy TypeScript AptosClient Class

The AptosClient class is a component of the Legacy Aptos TypeScript SDK that enables developers to interact with the blockchain network through the use of REST APIs generated from an OpenAPI document. The OpenAPI specification helps build and document RESTful APIs by providing a standard format for describing the structure of an API, including the available endpoints, methods, input and output parameters.

In addition, the AptosClient component supports submitting transactions in BCS format, which prepares and signs the raw transactions on the client-side. This method leverages the BCS Library or Transaction Builder for constructing the transaction payloads.


To use the AptosClient class, you will need to create an instance of AptosClient and call the desired API method. The AptosClient object will handle the HTTP requests and responses and return the result to your application.


Before using the AptosClient class, you will need to configure it with the necessary parameters. These parameters may include the network endpoint URL, custom configuration, and any other required settings. You can configure the AptosClient class by passing in the necessary parameters when you initialize the client object.


Here is an example of how to initialize an AptosClient:

import { AptosClient } from "aptos";
const client = new AptosClient("");

Making API fetch calls

To make an API call, you will need to call the appropriate method on the AptosClient object. The method name and parameters will depend on the specific API you are using. Here is an example:

const accountResources = await client.getAccountResources("0x123");

In this example, getAccountResources() is retrieving the resources of an account with the address 0x123.

Submit transaction to chain

To submit a transaction to the blockchain, you will need to build a transaction payload to be submitted. Here is an example:

const alice = new AptosAccount();
const payload: Types.EntryFunctionPayload = {
  function: "0x123::todolist::create_task",
  type_arguments: [],
  arguments: ["read"],
const rawTxn = await client.generateTransaction(alice.address(), payload);
const bcsTxn = AptosClient.generateBCSTransaction(alice, rawTxn);
const transactionRes = await client.submitSignedBCSTransaction(bcsTxn);

Transaction payload contents: function - This must be a fully qualified function name and composed of module address, module name and function name separated by ::. type_arguments - This is for the case a Move function expects a generic type argument. arguments - The arguments the function expects.

You can use the AptosClient class directly or the Provider class (preferred).