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Unity SDK

Unity SDK

The Aptos Unity SDK is a .NET implementation of the Aptos SDK, compatible with .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET 4.x for Unity. The goal of this SDK is to provide a set of tools for developers to build multi-platform applications (mobile, desktop, web, VR) using the Unity game engine and the Aptos blockchain infrastructure.

See the post Aptos Labs brings Web3 to Gaming with its new SDK for Unity developers and the Technical details section of the Unity SDK README for all the features offered to game developers by the Aptos Unity SDK.

User flows

The Aptos Unity SDK supports these use cases:

  • Progressive onboarding flow in which users can log into a game by email. In this flow, transactions are proxied, and Aptos uses a distributed key system. The users can then onboard to a full custodial wallet if desired.
  • In-game non-custodial wallet integration in which game developers have the option to allow users to create full non-custodial wallets in the games.
  • Off-game non-custodial wallet integration in which game developers may allow users to connect to a desktop wallet or a mobile wallet within the game or create burner wallets from the parent wallet seamlessly.


Supported Unity versions

Supported Version:Tested


As of Unity 2021.x.x, Newtonsoft Json is a common dependency. Prior versions of Unity require installing Newtonsoft.

Install the Unity SDK

You may install the Unity SDK either through our unitypackage or the Unity Package Manager.

Install by unitypackage

  1. Start Unity.
  2. Download the latest Aptos.Unity.unitypackage file from the Unity Asset Store.
  3. Click AssetsImport PackagesCustom Package and select the downloaded file.

Install by Unity Package Manager

  1. Open the Unity Package Manager window.
  2. Click the add + button in the top status bar.
  3. Select Add package from git URL from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the URL and click Add.