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Aptos Go SDK

Installing the Go SDK


The Go SDK is currently in a Beta, and its interfaces are subject to change

Aptos provides an official Go SDK in the aptos-go-sdk GitHub repository. To use the Go SDK, get the main package here:

go get

Using the Go SDK

Creating a client

You can create a client by importing the aptos-go-sdk, and creating a Client

package main
import (
func main() {
	client, err := aptos.NewClient(aptos.DevnetConfig)
	if err != nil {
		panic("Failed to create client:" + err.Error())
	fmt.Println("client", client)

You can configure the network with the aptos.NetworkConfig, or use a preexisting aptos.DevnetConfig, aptos.TestnetConfig, or aptos.MainnetConfig

Creating a private key

You can create a new Ed25519 account’s private key by calling NewEd25519Account().

account, err := aptos.NewEd25519Account()
if err != nil {
  return err

Funding accounts

You can create and fund an account with a faucet on any network that is not mainnet

account, err := aptos.NewEd25519Account()
err = client.Fund(account.Address, 100_000_000)

Sending a transaction

You can send a AptosCoin via a transaction

  account, err := aptos.NewEd25519account()
  // Build transaction
	signed_txn, err := aptos.APTTransferTransaction(client, account, AccountOne, 100)
	// Submit transaction
	result, err := client.SubmitTransaction(signed_txn)
	hash := result["hash"].(string)
	// Wait for the transaction
	_, err = client.WaitForTransaction(hash)
  // Read transaction by hash
	txn, err := client.TransactionByHash(hash)

More examples

You can see more examples in the examples/ folder of the Go SDK repository