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create-aptos-dapp provides a starter kit for dapp developers to easily bootstrap a frontend and a smart contract on the Aptos network.


Quick Start

To start with the create-aptos-dapp tool you can simply run this command on your terminal:

npx create-aptos-dapp

What is create-aptos-dapp?

create-aptos-dapp simplifies the initial setup and configuration process, provides a modern development workflow, gives pre-made e2e dapp templates, and offers a range of benefits that save time and effort. Using create-aptos-dapp enables developers to build dapps quicker on Aptos.

Why use create-aptos-dapp?

  • Template Setup: create-aptos-dapp generates predefined end-to-end dapp templates and configuration files for you. It saves manual setup of the project structure, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Dependencies Management: create-aptos-dapp manages project dependencies for you. It generates a npm (or pnpm, etc.) package with the required packages. This ensures that the libraries used by your project are compatible.
  • Move Directory: create-aptos-dapp generates a move directory that includes the basic structure for Move modules (smart contracts). Additionally, it adds a basic Move module and associated files.
  • Best Practices: create-aptos-dapp incorporates best practices and structure recommendations to develop for the Aptos network. This ensures that your project starts with a solid foundation.
  • Built-in Move Commands: create-aptos-dapp includes built-in commands for common tasks, such as initializing the Move compiler, compiling, and publishing smart contracts on-chain. This abstracts Move development workflows for the average dapp developer.

What tools create-aptos-dapp utilizes?

  • React framework
  • Vite development tool
  • shadcn/ui + tailwind for styling
  • Aptos TS SDK
  • Aptos Wallet Adapter
  • Node based Move commands

How to use create-aptos-dapp?

To create an Aptos dapp, open your terminal, cd into the directory you’d like to create the dapp in, and run the following command:

npx create-aptos-dapp

That command will download the tool and start the wizard flow where you can make project selections and finally will respond with next steps


create-aptos-dapp provides you with pre-made end-to-end dapp templates, i.e. a ready dapp with configurations and a beautiful UI to get you started with creating a dapp on Aptos.

The goals of the templates are to

  1. Familiarize users with different Aptos Standards by having an end-to-end dapp template examples.
  2. Educate users on how to build a dapp on Aptos from the front-end layer to the smart contract layer and how everything in-between.
  3. Provide users with pre-made templates to quickly deploy simple dapps

Current Templates