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Indexer API

Indexer API

The Indexer API, Transaction Stream Service, and Custom Processors are currently in beta. Please report any problems you encounter by creating an issue in the [aptos-indexer-processors]( repo.

This section contains documentation for the Aptos Indexer API, the API built upon the standard set of processors provided in the aptos-labs/aptos-indexer-processors repo.

Usage Guide

Address Format

When making a query where one of the query params is an account address (e.g. owner), make sure the address starts with a prefix of 0x followed by 64 hex characters. For example: 0xaa921481e07b82a26dbd5d3bc472b9ad82d3e5bfd248bacac160eac51687c2ff.

TypeScript Client

The Aptos TypeScript SDK provides an API functions for making queries to the Aptos Indexer API. Learn more here.