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Kotlin SDK


Kaptos, a Kotlin Multiplatform lib, is a Multiplatform SDK for connecting, exploring, and interacting with the Aptos blockchain across multiple platforms. It offers a uniform API for requesting data, sending transactions, and more; making cross-platform application development with shared business logic easy. The SDK provides asynchronous Aptos clients for seamless blockchain interactions.

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  • Type-safe: The SDK is fully type-safe and provides a rich set of types for all operations.
  • Expressive: Kaptos provides a simple and expressive DSL-style API for building transactions.
  • Multiplatform: Write cross-platform applications with shared business logic.
  • Consistent API: All operations bare a uniform and consistent API across all platforms.
  • BCS Support: The SDK defaults to BCS for serialization and deserialization of transactions.
  • Asynchronous: All blockchain operations are asynchronous.
  • Configurable: The SDK provides highly configurable clients for all platforms.

Kaptos is currently under development, please give feedback here


commonMain.dependencies {

Perform a Transaction

Below is an example of how you can perform a transaction using the Kotlin SDK. The snippet demonstrates how to build a transaction to transfer APT. We then sign and submit the transaction to the blockchain in a single step.

  val txn =
      sender = aliceAccount.accountAddress,
      data =
        inputEntryFunctionData {
          function = "0x1::coin::transfer"
          typeArguments = typeArguments {
            +TypeTagStruct(type = "0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin".toStructTag())
          functionArguments = functionArguments {

  // Sign and submit the transaction
  val commitedTransaction = aptos.signAndSubmitTransaction(aliceAccount, txn)

  val executedTransaction =
    aptos.waitForTransaction(HexInput.fromString(commitedTransaction.expect("Transaction failed").hash))


For more examples on how and what you can do with the Kotlin SDK, check out the following: