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Aptos Standards

Standards define a common interoperable interface for all developers to build upon. They consist of rules to ensure compatibility across applications and wallets on the Aptos blockchain. See a list of known coin resource addresses in Aptos provided by hippospace.


Aptos Object

The Object model allows Move to represent a complex type as a set of resources stored within a single address and offers a rich capability model that allows for fine-grained resource control and ownership management.

See Object >

Digital Asset Standards

Aptos Coin

The Coin module is a lightweight standard meant for simple, typesafe, and fungible assets. The coin standard is separated out into its own Move module to ensure that:

  • Applications and users can create and use simple tokens, with high performance and low gas overhead.
  • The Coin standard is part of the Aptos core framework so it can be used for currencies, including the gas currency.

See Aptos Coin >

Aptos Token

Token V2

The new Token v2 standard allows:

  • Rich, flexible assets and collectibles.
  • Token v2 can be built up on easily to provide richer custom functionalities. An example of this is the aptos_token module

The v2 standard is recommended for any new collections or protocols that want to build NFT or semi-fungible tokens. See Aptos Token v2 >

Token V1

The old existing Token module, on the other hand:

  • Encapsulates rich, flexible assets and collectibles. These assets are discrete (non-decimal) and can be fungible, semi-fungible, or nonfungible.
  • The token standard is in its own AptosToken package at the Address 0x3 to allow for rapid iteration based on feedback from the community.

See Aptos Token >

Wallet standards

Aptos Wallet standards

The wallet standards ensure that all wallets use the same functionality for key features. This includes:

  • The same mnemonic so that wallets can be moved between providers.
  • Wallet adapter so that all applications can interact seamlessly with a common interface.