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Aptos TypeScript SDK


This documentation is for the new TypeScript SDK @aptos-labs/ts-sdk. You can find the documentation for the legacy SDK (aka aptos) here

Looking to migrate to the new TypeScript SDK? check out the migration guide


Aptos provides a fully supported TypeScript SDK with the source code in the aptos-ts-sdk GitHub repository. The Aptos TypeScript SDK provides a convenient way to interact with the Aptos blockchain using TypeScript. It offers a set of utility functions, classes, and types to simplify the integration process and enhance developer productivity.

  • Developer experience Strongly typed APIs and Interfaces, autocomplete, comprehensive documentation.
  • Stability Test suite runs against Aptos fullnode and indexer with a local network
  • Transaction Builder Intuitive and simplified transaction builder flow
  • Serialization/deserialization support Full nested serialization/deserialization support and Move sub-classes to easily serialize and deserialize Move types


 pnpm i @aptos-labs/ts-sdk

Quick Start

Set up Aptos

const aptos = new Aptos(); // default to devnet

// with custom configuration
const aptosConfig = new AptosConfig({ network: Network.TESTNET });
const aptos = new Aptos(aptosConfig);

Fetch data from chain

const ledgerInfo = await aptos.getLedgerInfo();
const modules = await aptos.getAccountModules({ accountAddress: "0x123" });
const tokens = await aptos.getAccountOwnedTokens({ accountAddress: "0x123" });

Transfer APT coin transaction

const transaction = await aptos.transferCoinTransaction({
sender: alice,
recipient: bob.accountAddress,
amount: 100,
const pendingTransaction = await aptos.signAndSubmitTransaction({
signer: alice,

Build and submit transaction

// generate a new account key pair
const alice: Account = Account.generate();

// create the account on chain
await aptos.fundAccount({
accountAddress: alice.accountAddress,
amount: 100000000,

// submit transaction to transfer APT coin from Alice to Bob
const bobAddress = "0xb0b";

const transaction = await{
sender: alice.accountAddress,
data: {
function: "0x1::aptos_account::transfer_coins",
typeArguments: ["0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin"],
functionArguments: [bobAddress, 100],

// using sign and submit separately
const senderAuthenticator = aptos.transaction.sign({
signer: alice,
const pendingTransaction = await aptos.transaction.submit.simple({

// using signAndSubmit combined
const pendingTransaction = await aptos.signAndSubmitTransaction({
signer: alice,