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What are Move Scripts?

Move Scripts are a way to run multiple public functions on Aptos in a single transaction. This is similar to deploying a helper module that would do common tasks, but allows for the flexibility of not having to deploy beforehand.

An example would be a function to transfer a half of a user's balance to another account. This is something that is easily programmable, but likely would not need a module deployed for it:

script {
use std::signer;
use aptos_framework::coin;
use aptos_framework::aptos_account;

fun transfer_half<Coin>(caller: &signer, receiver_address: address) {
// Retrieve the balance of the caller
let caller_address: address = signer::address_of(caller);
let balance: u64 = coin::balance<Coin>(caller_address);

// Send half to the receiver
let half = balance / 2;
aptos_account::transfer_coins<Coin>(caller, receiver_address, half);

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