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Labs-Hosted Indexer API


The Indexer API, Transaction Stream Service, and Custom Processors are currently in beta. Please report any problems you encounter by creating an issue in the aptos-indexer-processors repo.

GraphQL API Endpoints

When making GraphQL queries to the Labs-Hosted Indexer API, use the following endpoints:

Hasura Explorer

The following URLs are for the Hasura Explorer for the Labs-Hosted Indexer API:

Rate limits

The following rate limit applies for the Aptos Labs hosted indexer API:

  • For a web application that calls this Aptos-provided indexer API directly from the client (for example, wallet or explorer), the rate limit is currently 5000 requests per five minutes by IP address. Note that this limit can change with or without prior notice.

If you need a higher rate limit, consider running the Aptos Indexer API yourself. See the guide to self-hosting here.