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What are objects?

The Move language controls access to resources using the store ability and accounts. The Object model provides a way to associate a collection of resources with a single address, using centralized resource control and ownership management. An Object is a container for resources at a single address which can be managed and accessed as a group for efficiency. The contract creating an Object can define custom behaviors around changes and transfers of those resources.

It's simply represented as an ObjectCore struct, which keeps track of the owner of the Object and transfer permissions. Along with the ability to store resources with an ObjectGroup. You can find more technical details at the Object standard page, and view the code at the framework generated object documentation.

An example of creating and transferring an object:

module my_addr::object_playground {
use std::signer;
use aptos_framework::object::{self, ObjectCore};

entry fun create_and_transfer(caller: &signer, destination: address) {
// Create object
let caller_address = signer::address_of(caller);
let constructor_ref = object::create_object(caller_address);

// Set up the object...

// Transfer to destination
let object = object::object_from_constructor_ref<ObjectCore>(
object::transfer(caller, object, destination);

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