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Wallet Adapter For Wallet Builders

To gain from dapps in the Aptos Ecosystem and provide your users the functionality they are looking for in a wallet, your wallet plugin should follow the Aptos Wallet Standard and be built from the Aptos Wallet Adapter.

The wallet-adapter-plugin-template repository gives wallet builders a pre-made class with all required wallet functionality following the Aptos Wallet Standard for easy and fast development.


  1. git clone
  2. Open src/index.ts for editing.
  3. Replace all AptosWindow references with: <Your-Wallet-Name>Window
  4. Replace AptosWalletName with: <Your-Wallet-Name>WalletName
  5. Replace url with your website URL.
  6. Change icon to your wallet icon (pay attention to the required format).
  7. Replace window.aptos with: window.<your-wallet-name>
  • Make sure the Window Interface has <your-wallet-name> as a key (instead of aptos).
  1. Open __tests/index.test.tsx and change AptosWallet to: <Your-Wallet-Name>Wallet
  2. Run tests with pnpm test - all tests should pass.

At this point, you have a ready wallet class with all required properties and functions to integrate with the Aptos Wallet Adapter.

Publish as a package

The next step is to publish your wallet as an NPM package so dapps can install it as a dependency. Use one of the options below:

Creating and publishing scoped public packages

Creating and publishing unscoped public packages


If your wallet provides functionality that is not included, you should open a pull request against aptos-wallet-adapter in the core package to have it support this functionality. See the signTransaction on the wallet core package for guidance.

Add your name to the wallets list

Once the package is published, create a pull request against the aptos-wallet-adapter package and add your wallet name to the supported wallet list on the README file as a URL to your NPM package.