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If you are a voter, then we recommend strongly that you do not store your Aptos voter keys with a custodian before the custodian supports this function. Until then, we suggest you store your voter keys in an Aptos wallet like Petra or Martian.

This document describes how to perform voter operations while using an Aptos wallet.

Steps Using Governance UI

To participate as a voter in the Aptos governance, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Proposals section of the Aptos Governance page.
  2. Connect your wallet by clicking on CONNECT WALLET (top-right):
  3. Make sure that wallet is set to connect to Mainnet.
  4. View the proposals. When you are ready to vote on a proposal, click on the proposal and vote.
  5. You will see a green snackbar indicating that the transaction is successful.

Steps Using Aptos CLI

  1. Get your stake pool info aptos node get-stake-pool --owner-address <owner-address> --url <REST API for the network>
  2. To see the list of proposal aptos governance list-proposals --url
  3. To vote on a proposal aptos governance vote --proposal-id <PROPOSAL_ID> --pool-address <POOL_ADDRESS> --url <URL> --profile <profile>