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Deploy a PFN

Deploy a PFN

The following guides provide step-by-step instructions for deploying a PFN on the Aptos networks.

Do I have to run a PFN?
If you do not wish to run a PFN, but still want to interact with the Aptos blockchain, you can use the REST API provided by the Aptos Labs’ PFNs (see Aptos APIs). Note, however, that Aptos Labs-provided PFNs have rate limits, which can impede your development. If you want to avoid such rate limits, you can deploy your own PFN and synchronize with the Aptos blockchain directly.

Select the guide for the deployment method you prefer:


Choose a network
These guides default to deploying a PFN in the Aptos mainnet network, but they can easily be used to do the same in other networks (e.g., devnet or testnet network). To do so, check out the desired network branch and use the genesis.blob and waypoint.txt node files for the respective branches: mainnet, devnet, and testnet.