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Latest Aptos Releases

Each Aptos release can be found on the GitHub site for Aptos-core releases. Each release is mirrored by the following git branches:

Aptos typically conducts multiple devnet releases for each testnet and mainnet release. Hence, devnet releases use commit hashes for tracking rather than version numbers. Testnet and mainnet releases usually have a one-to-one correlation, meaning each testnet release rolls into mainnet.

Hot fixes are exceptions that may occur in mainnet to address urgent issues in production. See the Aptos Release Process for more details.

Update nodes

If you are a node operator, update your nodes with the new release.

Subscribe to Release Announcements

Subscribe via GitHub

  1. Go to the aptos-labs/aptos-core repository.
  2. Open the Watch menu and select Custom.
  3. Select the Releases checkbox and click Apply.

Subscribe via Aptos Discord

Join the Aptos Discord server to interact with us and our community. We also post upcoming releases in these channels.

Subscribe via Aptos Twitter

Follow @AptosRelease on Twitter to get the latest updates about our upcoming mainnet releases and be notified when it is time to update your node. Every couple of days, @AptosRelease will tweet a countdown to remind you to update to the latest version. Note: We do not post about hotfixes here!

Aptos Release Process

To understand how we conduct releases, review the Aptos Release Process.