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If you are an operator participating in the Aptos network, then use this document to perform the operator tasks such as deploying a validator node and validator fullnode, registering the nodes on the Aptos community platform, and performing the validation.

Both validator node and validator fullnode are required for mainnet

For participating in the Aptos mainnet, you must deploy both a validator node and a validator fullnode.

Deploy the nodes and register

Petra on Chrome browser

Although the Petra wallet is supported only on the Chrome browser, you can also use the Petra extension on Brave browser, Kiwi browser and Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 1: Read the Node Requirements and make sure that your hardware, storage and network resources satisfy the node requirements.

Step 2: Deploy the nodes. Follow the detailed node installation steps provided in Running Validator Node and deploy a validator node and a validator fullnode.

Note that your nodes will not be running correctly (not syncing, not participating in consensus), until they're added to the validator set via staking pool operations (below).

Connect to Aptos network

After deploying your nodes, connect to the Aptos Network.

Set up staking and delegation pool operations

After connecting your nodes to the Aptos network, establish staking pool operations to add your node to the validator set.

Similarly, conduct delegation pool operations for APT delegated to your validator. Your node will start syncing and participating in consensus.

Ensure your nodes are live

After your nodes are deployed and configure, make sure they meet node liveness criteria.