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Install Petra Extension

Petra (Aptos Wallet) is now available on the Chrome store. To install the Petra extension on your Chrome browser, you can chose either of the following options:

Install from the Chrome Web Store

  1. Visit the Petra Wallet extension page.
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button.

Install from the GitHub repo

  1. Download the latest Petra Wallet release and unzip.
  2. Open a Chrome window and navigate to the Extensions using any of the below methods:
    • At the top right corner of the browser window, click the three vertical dots and then More tools and then Extensions, or
    • On a new tab or a window type chrome://extensions in the URL field and press return.
  3. Enable Developer mode at the top right of the Extensions page.
  4. Click on Load unpacked at the top left, and point it to the 'build' folder where you just unzipped the downloaded Wallet release.

Now you will see Wallet in your Chrome extensions.


If you would like to restore an existing Aptos wallet account in Petra, you must first create a new account in Petra, then you can switch and import the account.