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This page shows the key updates to the developer documentation on this site. Note, this site is built from the main upstream branch of GitHub and so therefore reflects the latest changes to Aptos. If you have checked out another branch to use a specific network, the code may not yet have all of the features described here.

28 March 2023

  • Offered an experimental feature to profile gas usage locally via the Aptos CLI that not only simulates use but also generates flame graphs for visualizing gas usage.

27 March 2023

24 March 2023

  • Added instructions to Integrate with Aptos Names Service that offers developers a customizable button and modal to enable users to search for and mint Aptos names directly from their website.

23 March 2023

21 March 2023

20 March 2023

19 March 2023

16 March 2023

  • Added the ability to use Bytecode for Dependencies when compiling Move modules in cases where the Move source code for those dependencies are not available locally.

  • Enabled Move test-coverage details in the Aptos CLI to help find and fix missing tests.

15 March 2023

  • Published a PowerShell script to streamline the Aptos development environment setup process on Windows. The script uses WinGet (Microsoft’s official package manager, included in Windows 10 and 11 by default) to install the necessary dependencies and keep them up-to-date.

14 March 2023

08 March 2023

  • Added a Latest Releases section to the Start menu showing the newest, recommended version of each Aptos component (CLI, framework, and node) by network.

  • Released Aptos Node version 1.3.0 to testnet and a new version to devnet.

07 March 2023

  • Published documentation for the new Aptos Unity SDK highlighting its uses and explaining how to install it.

  • Launched a Community section of the site to enable more participation in the Aptos ecosystem. It contains these subpages:

    • Community Highlights - exemplary contributions to Aptos and from our community members.
    • External Resources - useful, technical posts to the Aptos Forum or links to Aptos-related technologies documented elsewhere.
    • Rust Coding Guidelines - the coding guidelines for the Aptos Core Rust codebase.
    • Update - Follow the instructions on this page to update, the developer website for the Aptos blockchain.
    • Follow Aptos Style - When making site updates, Aptos recommends adhering to this writing and formatting style guide for consistency with the rest of

01 March 2023

  • Enhanced the Aptos TypeScript SDK to include IndexerClient and Provider classes. These new classes allow for querying the Aptos Indexer and using a single client to simultaneously query the indexer and retrieve account-related information, respectively.

23 February 2023

  • Published the Move Book to the Move section of from the aptos-main branch of the Move Language repository for easy access and inclusion in search results.

22 February 2023

17 February 2023

  • Recommended specific paths for starting up an Aptos node via state synchronization depending upon node type and network.

14 February 2023

31 January 2023

30 January 2023

  • Released Aptos Node v1.2.4 to testnet with enhancements to state synchronization and features added for use of the Move programming language, including:

    • New integer types (u16, u32, u256)
    • View functions to evaluate transactions before execution
    • Compile-time checks for transaction arguments
    • Various updates to smart contracts
    • Several Aptos Improvement Proposals (AIPs)

    See the Aptos Releases list for many more details. This release will be available on mainnet soon.

  • Created an entirely new tutorial that covers building an end-to-end TODO list dapp, starting from the smart contract side through the front-end side and use of a wallet to interact with the two.

26 January 2023

25 January 2023

  • Split up the sidebars of into one left navigation menu per topic to ease use. As part of this:

    • Added top-level menu for Create NFTs section
    • Renamed Measure Nodes section to Monitor Nodes
    • Moved Node Liveness Criteria to the Monitor Nodes section
  • Added a new section Reading state with the View function explaining how to use the View function now available in devnet to test transactions without modifying blockchain state.

24 January 2023

23 January 2023

18 January 2023

16 January 2023

12 January 2023

11 January 2023

  • Greatly expanded the First Dapp tutorial to include a section on publishing the Move module using the TypeScript SDK, adds labels to output, improve the initialization for Petra wallet and the Aptos CLI, and more.

  • Noted in the Aptos Token Standard that limits exist to storing customized token properties on-chain, namely 1000 properties per token with field names limited to 128 characters.

  • Added examples for requesting staking commission to Staking Pool Operations.

10 January 2023

  • Explained in Validator cloud setup docs (AWS, Azure and GCP) how to check for and remove remaining Kubernetes volumes after changing the era to reset a deployment's state.

  • Expanded support for other networks in Start Public Fullnode with Aptos Source or Docker by adding files and instructions for fullnodes in devnet and testnet, as well as the default mainnet.

  • Enhanced Run a Public Fullnode on GCP with details on fixing Terraform version mismatches, a link to the Docker image, and example output from kubectl commands.

  • Added a Node types section to Node Networks and Synchronization describing the various forms of nodes supported by Aptos: validator nodes, public fullnodes, validator fullnodes, and archival nodes.

06 January 2023

  • Added an Authors list to the bottom of every page on giving credit to all contributors to the document, both within Aptos Labs and externally.

30 December 2022

  • Added Node Inspection Service document that explains how to access node metrics for validators and fullnodes and highlights key metrics for monitoring.

  • Added instructions for running archival nodes, specifically avoiding fast syncing and ledger pruning.

29 December 2022

26 December 2022

23 December 2022

20 December 2022

14 December 2022

12 December 2022

11 December 2022

09 December 2022

08 December 2022

  • Released aptos-node-v1.1.0 to mainnet:

    Framework upgrade through governance voting:

    • Testnet upgrade - Nov 30th
    • Mainnet upgrade - Dec 12th - 19th (7 days voting period) required by fullnode operators

    New features and enhancements:

    • Move
    • Blockchain
      • Added automatic chain-health based back pressure to improve reliability. Automatic slow-down (through max block size reduction) is triggered in some scenarios.
      • Improved timeouts for state synchronization: (i) lower timeouts for optimistic fetch (to help reduce end-to-end latency); and (ii) exponential back-off for low-bandwidth nodes.

    Resolved issues:

    • Move
      • Explicit error codes in resource account.
      • Improved Leader Election (gated behind feature flag).

    See these resources for more details on the release:

    • #mainnet-release Discord channel for more detailed descriptions of the above changes.
    • Aptos Releases list for all releases.
    • testnet branch commits for the changes landing in mainnet today.

05 December 2022

02 December 2022

29 November 2022

21 November 2022

  • Added conceptual overviews for blocks and resources in Aptos, explaining how transactions are batched and resources relate to objects, respectively.

18 November 2022

  • Increased Aptos Indexer rate limits from 300 requests per IP per hour to 400 requests every five minutes.

17 November 2022

16 November 2022

Completely overhauled the navigation of to better reflect our users and their feedback. Here are the highlights:

12 November 2022

  • Recommended performance improvements to validator source code startup instructions by suggesting building the aptos-node binary and running it directly instead of using cargo run.

09 November 2022

  • Improved indexer fullnode setup instructions to standardize on one package manager and explain how to restart the database.

08 November 2022

07 November 2022

  • Created an Aptos tag on Stack Overflow and started populating it with common questions and answers.

04 November 2022

  • Added a guide on Resource Accounts used by developers to publish modules and automatically sign transactions.

03 November 2022

  • Added Aptos API reference files directly to for easy access and clarified available information at various endpoints.

02 November 2022

  • Created a #docs-feedback channel on Discord seeking input on and taking action with updates to the documentation.

01 November 2022

  • Expanded the previous Coin and Token documentation into the Aptos Token Standard with new field descriptions and more and moved it to the Getting Started section for greater visibility.

25 October 2022

13 October 2022

12 October 2022

  • Added Node Connections document that describes how to configure node network connections.

11 October 2022

  • Added Data Pruning document that describes how to change the data pruning settings.

10 October 2022

07 October 2022

06 October 2022

  • Added Node Files document that lists all the files required during node deployment process. Includes commands to download each file.

05 October 2022

  • Related Aptos resources (, Twitter, Discord, and more) can be found in the Have fun section of the landing page.

03 October 2022

  • How Base Gas Works describes the types of gas involved in Aptos transactions and offers optimizations for your use.

26 September 2022

  • Installing Aptos CLI provides detailed guidance for all major operating systems: Linux, macOS, and Windows.

25 September 2022

23 September 2022

22 September 2022

The System Integrators Guide contains a section on tracking coin balance changes.

21 September 2022

When installing Aptos CLI, we recommend downloading the precompiled binary over building the CLI binary from the source code as less error prone and much easier to get started.

19 September 2022

When using the Aptos CLI to publish Move modules, we note multiple modules in one package must have the same account or publishing will fail at the transaction level.

16 September 2022

When connecting to Aptos Testnet, use the testnet rather than testnet-stable branch. See that document for the latest commit and Docker image tag.

15 September 2022

The hardware requirements for Aptos nodes have grown for both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

13 September 2022

12 September 2022

06 September 2022

29 August 2022

25 August 2022

24 August 2022

  • The Korean language version of the Aptos White Paper is posted.
  • Typescript and Rust are added to the first transaction tutorial.
  • A new tutorial is added that shows how to use the Typescript SDK and Python SDKs to work with NFT. The tutorial covers topics such as creating your own collection, creating a token in that collection, and how to offer and claim that token.

16 August 2022

11 August 2022

08 August 2022

07 August 2022

02 August 2022