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Latest Mainnet Release

The table below contains latest release information for each Aptos component in the mainnet network. We also suggest you monitor the #mainnet-release channel of Aptos Discord for ongoing updates.

See the Latest Aptos Releases index for how to subscribe to GitHub notifications and more release-related information.

Aptos Framework

Aptos Framework Release v1.4.0

Aptos SDK

Aptos SDK Release v1.8.5 check out the change-log here.

Aptos CLI

ReleaseGit TagCommit Hash
Aptos CLI Release v1.0.13aptos-cli-v1.0.137f864d4af722bf538f1a904e321130a261e92b3a

Aptos Node

ReleaseDocker Image TagDocker SHA-256BranchCommit Hash
Aptos Node Release v1.4.1aptos-node-v1.4.1sha256:c109ab86066fc35cbff5d7f57340ea6da9ed480896d08cd1bbd30c3dec683033aptos-node-v1.4.18731f29f80ee0458d32793f2c818243745ca3904