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Latest Devnet Release

The table below contains latest release information for each Aptos component in the devnet network. We also suggest you monitor the #devnet-release channel of Aptos Discord for ongoing updates.

See the Latest Aptos Releases index for how to subscribe to GitHub notifications and more release-related information.

Aptos SDK

Aptos SDK Release v1.8.5. Check out the change-log here.

Aptos CLI

ReleaseGit TagCommit Hash
Aptos CLI Release v1.0.13aptos-cli-v1.0.137f864d4af722bf538f1a904e321130a261e92b3a

Aptos Node

Devnet Branch CommitDocker Image TagDocker Image Digestgenesis.blob SHA-256WaypointChain ID
b8fe5b0bbc3fb78a5ad40209dc3af9f67a8a4ea1devnet_b8fe5b0bbc3fb78a5ad40209dc3af9f67a8a4ea1sha256:604c279f52c6c99dbe238229507c074758c2178b455c18890ef58a2fc38ccc80sha256: 2b5365cde39aee414a681abd20c09f39fdb3609fc0ca0735abb947c412db6a0d0:33adb2ff9338723432d83718c22e2b107a453eee21a67bc0ae2d99db130d2c3d59