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Getting Started

To kick-start your journey as a developer in the Aptos ecosystem, set up your development environment as described in this section.

Clone the Aptos-core repo

Start by cloning the aptos-core GitHub repo from GitHub.

  1. Clone the Aptos repo.

    git clone
  2. cd into aptos-core directory.

    cd aptos-core
  3. Run the scripts/ Bash script as shown below. This will prepare your developer environment.

  4. Update your current shell environment.

    source ~/.cargo/env
  5. Skip this step if you are not installing an Aptos node.

    Checkout the devnet branch using:

    git checkout --track origin/devnet

Now your basic Aptos development environment is ready.

Aptos devnet

IDE plugins for Move

Aptos CLI

Aptos SDK

Aptos explorer

  • Aptos Exporer. Use the top-right drop-down menu to select the network.