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Coin and Token

For digital assets, Aptos provides two Move modules:

Aptos Coin

The coin.move is a lightweight standard meant for simple, typesafe, and fungible assets. The coin standard is separated out into its own Move module to ensure that:

  • The coin standard can be used to create a token with an emphasis on simplicity and performance and with minimal metadata.
  • The coin module remains a part of the Aptos core framework and be used for currencies, for example the gas currency, thereby enhancing the core functionality of the Aptos framework.

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Aptos Token

The token.move Move module, on the other hand:

  • Encapsulates rich, flexible assets, fungible and nonfungible, and collectibles.
  • The token standard is deployed as a separate package at the Aptos blockchain address 0x3.
  • The token standard is designed to create an NFT or a semi-fungible or a fungible non-decimal token, with rich metadata and functionalities. A token definition of this type can be iterated rapidly to respond to the platform and user requirements.

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