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Airdrop Aptos Tokens

We support different ways of transferring tokens in the Aptos token standard. In this example, we use the two-step process to airdrop to a list of addresses since this method doesn't require the receiver to opt-in to direct transfer.

The two-steps are:

  1. The app offering the token to an account.
  2. The receiver claiming this token.

After minting a token or using existing tokens from TokenStore, we can directly offer the token to a receiver address from a whitelist.

Starting with the NFT mint example, we can change the mint function to an airdrop function as below.

This function directly offers the token to a list of addresses:

public entry fun airdrop(whitelist: vector<address>) acquires ModuleData {
let module_data = borrow_global_mut<ModuleData>(@mint_nft);

let count = vector::length(&whitelists);
let resource_signer = account::create_signer_with_capability(&module_data.signer_cap);
let token_id = token::mint_token(&resource_signer, module_data.token_data_id, count);

let i: u64 = 0;
while(i < count) {
let receiver = vector::pop_back(&mut whitelist);
token_transfers::offer(&resource_signer, receiver, token_id, 1);
i = i + 1;

After offering the token, the wallet receiver (eg: Petra) would see the offer as shown below: petra_screenshot.png

This completes the Aptos token airdrop example.